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"A planning application has been submitted for two massive turbines close to Almscliffe Crag. If allowed they will tower over the Crag"

"There is little time left to object"




"Lindley Moor wind farm withdrawn"

"Follow the 'Lindley Moor' top link for details"







Unbelievable as it is, a giant wind farm consisting of 44 massive commercial turbines up to 126.5m tall, over six separate clusters, threatened the internationally treasured North Yorkshire Dales - by far the largest onshore wind farm in England. This would be over five additional and separate wind farms to combine with the existing 8 turbine Knabs Ridge wind farm. The wind farms would be bounded on three sides by the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and is in part is within the Washburn Valley, west of Harrogate, North Yorkshire. The map accessed from a left link on the 'Threat' page illustrates how these separate clusters come together.

Piece by piece the Save the Dales campaign has disassembled a fair proportion of these proposals but a threat still exists.

Following a public outcry lasting for over two and a half years, on the 6th February 2014 the main developer Kelda withdrew its planning application for 7 x 100m turbines as well as its formal submitted intention for a further 17 x 125m turbines.

On the 31st March 2015 the planning committee rejected the application by Tapar for 4 x 110m turbines not far from the existing wind farm. Tapar of course may still appeal this decision.

In January 2014, another developer called Infinis entered the fray by submitting its formal intention for a wind farm of 6 x 126.5m turbines, at nearby Lindley Moor. Undoubtedly, Infinis have been closely watching the progress of the Tapar application and on the 21st May 2015 they sent formal notification to the planning authority that they would not be proceeding further. Full details can be found by following the 'Lindley Moor' link.

Of course the threat is always present and currently there is a further application for 2 x 48m turbines which will tower over the iconic Almscliffe Crag; there is limited time left to object to this and the full details can be found by following the 'Almscliffe Turbines' link.

The ‘Threat’ page and its page links provide a detailed overview of the whole proposals, the wider implications and maps of the wind farms. The rest of the Save the Dales website, contains a wealth of broader information including videos, slide shows and articles, plus the very latest relevant news. Please take the time to wander around and visit regularly for updates.

Most importantly, please object to the latest application near Almscliffe Crag.