Save the Dales - what is planned and defeated....
wind farm harrogate

How it started - Knabs Ridge Wind Farm....

In 2005 a single unelected Planning Inspector acting on behalf of John Prescott overruled the previous rejection by Harrogate Borough Council to allow the Knabs Ridge wind farm; this being despite the tremendous harm it would cause to the landscape - the basis was that Government wind farm targets trump all.

The construction of Knabs Ridge, which consisted of 8 x 97.5m turbines, was completed in 2008 and stands just 15m (50ft) from the border of the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Beauty (AONB). More details of this wind farm can be accessed from a link on the left.

Those that then followed....

Let one wind farm developer in and the rest will follow like sharks in a feeding frenzy after the obscene subsidies.

In 2012, wind developer Kelda (Yorkshire Water) submitted a planning application and formal intentions for two wind farms consisting of 24 turbines of up to 125m in height on land adjoining Knabs Ridge. At the same time as the above a local company called Tapar submitted a planning application for 4 x 110m turbines next to Knabs Ridge.

In January 2014, major wind farm developer Infinis submitted formal intentions for a further 6 x 126m turbines at Lindley Moor - a mere 400m from the above wind farms.

Finally, in April 2015, a turbine company called DC21 submitted an application for 2 turbines near the iconic Almscliffe Crag, this being on the opposite side of the road from the proposed Lindley Moor wind farm.

How all the wind farms would have all come together is illustrated on a map accessed from a link on the left.


During a long and hard fought battle by those opposed to these audacious plans, one by one all the developers were defeated.

In February 2014 Kelda withdrew their plans for both the 7 x 100m and 17 x 125m turbine wind farms; the reason given by them was the overwhelming strength of public feeling.

February 2015 saw the planning committee of Harrogate Borough Council refuse Tapar's application; this developer saw sense not to Appeal.

In May 2015, following an approach, Infinis notified the planning department that they had decided not to continue with their plans for Lindley Moor; no doubt as a result of the Tapar's refusal.

The last to fall was DC21 who withdrew their planning application for the turbines at Almscliffe Crag in March 2017; the unprecedented level of public objections and new Government policies had made this proposal totally unviable.